Moving Tips for a Smoother, Easier Move

Good organization is the key to a successful move. By planning ahead, you can organize every aspect of your move so that it goes more smoothly. Here are some moving tips to get you started.

  1. Purge and then pack: Get rid of items you no longer want or need to make room for essentials, save time on packing and cut back on moving costs.
  2. Budget your move: Set a reasonable budget for your move and work towards that limit. If you’re moving locally, pack and move as much as you can yourself to cut expenses. Compare rates on moving companies to get the best deal.
  3. Prepare to vacate your property: Take care of house repairs or home improvements before moving. Make sure utilities and services will be cut off on time.
  4. Repair equipment before moving: Fix electronics and appliances before moving so they’ll be in working order upon arriving at your new destination.
  5. Change of address: Make sure your bank, kids’ school, employer, insurance company, etc., have your change of address so you don’t miss out on important communications.

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