1-2-3 For Handling A Parking Lot Accident

How To File A Claim For A Parking Lot Accident

While nearly every motorist knows the importance of handling a major car accident with care and poise, many are unaware of the precautions to take after a minor parking lot accident. However, when it comes to a parking lot accident and auto insurance in the Metroplex, it is important to realize your responsibilities in handling this matter. We want to ensure that you and any involved parties receive the compensation you deserve, which is why we have compiled guidelines for handling these minor claims.

Parking Lot Accidents & Auto Insurance In The North Texas Area:

  • First things first, make sure that everyone is safe. Just because you are involved in a minor fender bender does not mean that there are no injuries, so you must still start with this crucial step.
  • Your second responsibility is to call the police and have an official report filed. Yes, you still need to have a police report, just in case any injuries arise a couple days after the incident. Keep in mind that the police may refuse to come to the scene if the accident is extremely minor and there are no injuries, which is fine, as long as the accident is still reported.
  • Next, gather all pertinent information. Avoid any arguments over who is at fault and leave that to your insurer. Simply gather information from everyone in each car, as well as any witnesses present at the scene. This includes vehicle information, insurance information, address, phone number, and damage.
  • Most importantly, be sure to document the scene by taking pictures and video evidence. This is extremely important and will help you during the claims process.  If the other person is admitting fault include their guilty admission in the video evidence.
  • Next, call your insurance agent. You will want to get on the phone with them as soon as possible to handle this matter in a timely and efficient manner.  Do not call the claim in directly to your company if you are not at fault.  Call the other drivers insurance company to report the claim if that driver is at fault.

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