Wrong Place at the Wrong Time: How to Avoid Getting Sick this Flu Season

Places to Avoid Touching to Prevent Getting SickWith flu season just around the corner, it becomes increasingly more important that we think about what preventative measures we can take to avoid the flu. Passing germs can be as simple as touching the wrong place at the wrong time. Preventing illness can be challenging as the temperatures begin to fluctuate and we’re exposed to an increased amount of germs, which is why we’ve gathered these helpful tips:

  • Are you one of the many motorists who touch the gas pump handle without thinking about how germ infested that area really is? If possible, try not to touch the gas pump handle. You can use a paper towel instead, and make sure to wash your hands afterwards.
  • Rubbing your eyes is a sure fire way to spread germs and contract illnesses. If you need to rub your eyes because they’re feeling dry, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • Likewise, picking your nose can also spread germs and cause you to get sick.
  • When you’re traveling, make sure to sanitize the remote control, lamp switches, and the television of your hotel. These items carry a surprising amount of germs and are rarely cleaned properly.
  • If you work in an office, all common areas are covered in germs. This includes the on and off switch, to the coffee pot, the break-room sink, the door handles, and everything in between. While you may be inclined to neglect this vital habit, it’s extremely important that you wash your hands and sanitize multiple times throughout the workday. The presence of germs in workplaces is the reason why it seems that everyone in the office gets sick at the same time.

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