Plants That Thrive in the Texas Heat

Garden ZinniasIf you are planning your landscape for this spring, you may want to add a few plants that really thrive in the heat of the summer. That way, when July and August get hot and dry, you will still have some pretty plants that you won’t have to pamper or replace. Here are some suggestions for heat-loving plants for your garden this summer.

1. Zinnias

Zinnias love hot weather, and the intense weather of late summer just makes them perform better. These flowers come in a wide variety of colors, and you can find large bushy types or smaller, more delicate cultivars. Additionally, they grow very easily from seed, so you can inexpensively carpet your flower beds with lush displays of colorful blooms.

2. Mexican Sunflower

Butterflies love the orange and yellow blooms of the Mexican sunflower. These plants have a shrub-like growth habit with pretty foliage. They love dry weather, and if they get too much moisture, they won’t do well. They also prefer sites with poor soils.

3. Cosmos

For the rear of your flower beds, you will need a taller plant. Cosmos is perfect with lacy foliage that will be a lovely backdrop for your other plants. Cosmos flowers come in white, orange, pink, and red and are delicate, daisy-like blooms that thrive in summer’s heat.

Using plants that do well in the heat can save you money on your water bill and help keep your home looking great, and with the drought in North Texas, water rationing may limit how often you can water.  Mulching well and maintaining adequate distance between the plants are other ways of drought-proofing your garden.

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