Helpful Tips For Avoiding Pothole Damage

Unfortunately, winter and spring rain make the road more susceptible to potholes, which is bad news for your car. Yes, you can report any potholes that you see to the local authorities, but it is best that you learn ways to avoid extensive pothole damage to your beautiful ride. Gathered are a few helpful tips for avoiding pothole damage:

Potholes in North Texas:

  • Have you downloaded the time saving app Waze yet? Waze will not only help you get around congested areas using alternative routes, but it will also alert you of already reported potholes. This will allow you to anticipate a necessary lane change ahead of time. This app also gives you the opportunity to help others out by using the app to report potholes that you come across.
  • The most important safe driving tip we can give you to help avoid pothole damage is to leave space in between cars. Tailgating is always dangerous, but it becomes impossible to take preventative action if you are right behind the driver in front of you.
  • Puddles may be concealing large potholes, so be careful when navigating through large puddles. This is typically more common during the rainy seasons, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Most importantly, eliminate all distractions. Distracted drivers cannot anticipate potholes in a timely or safe manner.
  • If you do hit a pothole, make sure to first check your tires, then your suspension and alignment. Depending on the severity of your pothole collision, you may need to take your car into the mechanic for further precaution.

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