Prepare Your Home For The Fall Season

It is fall and the season to get your home ready for cooler temperatures. There are things you should be looking after to prepare your home. Mike Leonard Insurance Agency is pleased to provide this list of simple reminders for the upcoming season.

• Change your furnace filters. Changing your furnace filters is a cheap way to save money on your heating bill in the coming months. They are inexpensive to buy and easy to replace. You don’t even need to hire someone to do it.

•Eliminate leaks, cracks and gaps around your home. This means checking around windows, doors and your foundation. This can solve two problems. Your warm air will have fewer areas to escape and those unwanted outside critters will have fewer areas to enter.

•It is time to put away outdoor gear, including lawn furniture, umbrellas, kids toys and barbecue grills. You will need to make sure that any propane tanks are turned off at the tank.

•Fall is a particularly good time to weed and feed your yard. This will give you big results next Spring.

You’ll also want to do a general walk-around of your property checking the roof, gutters, patios, awnings and patios. Correct any small problems before colder temperatures arrive.

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