Preparing Your Boat For The Water

Die-hard boaters may brave the waters year round, but most boaters don’t set out for the first time until the summer. If you are preparing for your maiden voyage for the year, take the time for some basic maintenance after checking that your boat insurance policy is properly renewed.

Start by flushing out the fuel system and giving the boat an oil change, if you’re at a service interval. Filling up the gas tank is easier if you remembered to add stabilizers in the fall when putting the boat away for the winter.

Clean up the hull and give it a fresh coat of wax if you can. This keeps the boat cleaner throughout the year and protects its finish. Check that your safety equipment is also in good working order, including your fire extinguisher. Going out with enough life vests could put you or your guests at risk. Finally, walk around the boat and look for cracks or other damage to the exterior of your watercraft. If you don’t have affordable insurance for your investment yet, contact Mike Leonard Insurance to stay protected no matter what happens on the lake or ocean.