Preventing Theft At Your Coppell Home

Your Guide To Coppell, TX Homeowners Insurance & Preventing Theft

The summer brings the opportunity for you to gather up the family and head out on a much-deserved vacation. When you do, you will want to be able to fully relax and not have to worry about the safety of your home.

To help you rest easy on your summer vacation, here are a few Coppell, TX homeowners insurance and theft prevention tips.

  • Get Signage: If installing a home security system is not in your budget before you leave on your summer vacation, the next best thing you can do is to simply put a security sign in your yard or front windows. This will deter thieves who are looking for an easy target.
  • Get Creative: When thieves do get in, one of their first stops is usually the master bedroom, where the majority of jewelry and other valuables are stored. Get creative about where you store your most valuable possessions; a bolted-down safe in the kids’ rooms—which thieves rarely enter—is a great alternative.
  • Get Help: By enlisting the help of your mailman and a friend, you can make sure you home does not look vacant. Put a stop on your mail to prevent it from piling up, indicating you are away, and have your friend drive by every couple of days to monitor for suspicious activity around your house.

Should the worst happen and a thief thwart your efforts, would your Coppell, TX homeowners insurance make it easy for you to get back to normal? For the protection your North Texas home and your family deserves, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. We know how valuable—both sentimentally and financially—the contents of your home are and are here to help you set the right safeguards in place.