Refresh Your Memory Before It Is Too Late – Changing A Tire In 9 Easy Steps

You can enjoy the summer of safety as long as you know what to do when something unexpected happens – like getting a flat tire. It’s best to know how to change a tire before it actually happens so that you can be as safe as possible – and get yourself back on the road.

To avoid an accident, you need to be prepared to change your tire on your own. Even if you have roadside assistance, it may be easier to refresh your skills and change the tire by yourself.

There are a few tips to follow and you can be done in 9 steps.

1. Secure your vehicle so it won’t roll.

2. Use the jack to jack up the vehicle.

3. Pry the wheel cover off.

4. Loosen all of the lug nuts.

5. Remove the flat tire.

6. Place the spare onto the lug bolts.

7. Replace lug nuts and tighten by hand.

8. Lower the vehicle and then tighten lug nuts again.

9. Replace the wheel cover.

Changing a tire is easy as long as you know the steps to follow.

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