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Insurance in Rockwall, TX
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Auto Insurance in Rockwall, TX

While there is no way to avoid paying for auto insurance in Rockwall, TX, there are some specific discounts that can help you save money each month. One of the most common discounts that you should ask your insurance agent about is the auto insurance mileage discount in Rockwall, TX.

The Rockwall, TX auto insurance mileage discount will base your monthly rates on how often you drive and how many miles you drive. The discount is also known as pay as you go insurance, and can help to bring the cost of your premiums much lower if you do not spend very much time behind the wheel.

If your vehicle is equipped with an OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics program, you will not have to do any extra work to record your mileage. The program will work to report your mileage for you, allowing you to start benefitting from the discount as soon as possible.

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Homeowners Insurance Carrollton TX
Homeowners Insurance Information
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Homeowners Insurance in Rockwall, TX

While it may seem like all Rockwall, TX homeowners insurance policies are built the same, there are many differences. Depending on what type of home you live in, and if you own or rent, you will need to invest in a different homeowners insurance policy in Rockwall, TX.

There are many different types of homeowners insurance in Rockwall, TX policies to consider, including:

  • HO-1 policies, which is the least amount of coverage that you can invest in, and is not available with many insurance companies.
  • HO-2 policies, which is the most basic policy that you can get that will still provide protection for the most common 16 disasters.
  • HO-3 policies, which are the most popular home insurance policies and will provide coverage for any disaster except what is specifically excluded.
  • HO-8 policies, which are designed to provide coverage for older homes, and typically only provide coverage on an actual cash value basis.
  • HO-4 policies, which are written for people who are renting their home, and will only provide coverage for their assets that are kept inside the home.
  • HO-6 polices, which provide coverage for anyone who owns a co-op or a condo, and will provide coverage for structural parts of the building that you own.

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