Getting Back To Your Back To School Routine

A quick guide to help you get into a back to school routine.

Now that the time for heading back to school is approaching, it may be wise to get your children back into a nightly routine to make sure that your child gets enough sleep.

By encouraging your son or daughter to get sleep, you ensure that your child is working at his or her best and has the best chance at excelling in school. Studies have shown that children who get between nine to ten hours of sleep every night perform their best the next day. Students who don’t get enough hours of sleep are likely to suffer from lack of concentration, fatigue, and irritability, all of which can negatively affect their grades, social life, and health.

Below are the top tips to get your child in a back to school routine:

  • Make the process gradual rather than immediate by starting no less than two weeks prior to the first week back at school.
  • Set bedtimes 15 minutes earlier each night until you’ve reached the bedtime target.
  • Turn off the television, video games, and cell phones an hour before bedtime to help your child unwind and relax.
  • A hot shower or bath before bed will soothe and calm the muscles, easing sleep.
  • Lead by example! While children need around nine to ten hours of sleep, adults should get seven to eight hours.
  • Keep the bedtimes consistent throughout the weekend so that the body clock does not get confused.
  • Encourage your child to do an hour of exercise every day to help the body relax and sleep deeply.
  • A sound machine or a fan will aid your child to sleep if they don’t like complete silence.

Helping your child to establish a good sleeping school routine will benefit their educational efforts and will give them more encouragement to get involved in activities. So that you can focus on readying your son or daughter for school, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency.  Through our carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance, we are able to get your family the coverage they need. Call us today!