Twice A Year: Set Your Clocks Back And Tackle These Home Maintenance Tasks

Setting your clocks back can serve as the perfect reminder to take on these home maintenance to-dos.

If you’re not loving the dark mornings, you’re probably a little relieved that we’ll be setting our clocks back pretty shortly here. Changing your clocks isn’t the only change you should make, though. When you “fall back,” let it serve as a reminder to handle your semiannually home maintenance tasks.

  • Address Alarms: This is the perfect time to test that your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are all functioning properly. While you’re at it, pop out their batteries and replace them with fresh ones. You can then use those batteries in another, less important device like a remote or toy until they run out of juice.
  • Focus On Filters: Make sure your furnace, which will be working much harder in the coming months, is up to the task by swapping out your furnace filter. Also, take the time to clean out your clothes dryer filter and the dryer’s hoses.
  • Mind Your Medication: When was the last time you sorted through your medicine cabinet and your first aid kit? Don’t wait to do it! Go through all of the medication in your home and dispose of any that has expired. If you toss essential meds, make sure you replace them promptly!

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