Should I Use My Car Insurer’s Recommended Repair Shop?

When making an insurance claim, you may be directed to use an insurer’s recommended repair shop. Though all insurance companies are required by law to give policyholders a choice, there are certain benefits that come with using your insurer’s repair shop.

Benefits of Insurer’s Recommended Repair Shops

  • Reputable insurance companies tend to work exclusively with repair companies that come with a legacy of high-quality repair work. This reduces the hassles of having to find one yourself.
  • Your claim might have a faster turnaround, as insurer preferred shops know exactly which paperwork needs to be processed for your claim.
  • There’s no risk of having to pay extra with a recommended repair shop. You won’t be charged additional labour costs; you only need to pay the specified amount.

Choosing an Independent Repair Shop

Choosing an independent repair shop can be beneficial only if you get high-quality repair work at reduced costs. However, do your research and know the risks.

  • Make sure you choose a reputed repair shop that offers a lifetime guarantee on repairs, irrespective of who’s paying the bill.
  • Take advice from friends and family, or check online reviews of local body shops.
  • Make sure it is a reputed repair shop for insurers. Reputed shops tend to have first-hand experience in dealing with insurance companies. For instance, check if they have a history of dealing with claims by your insurance company.
  • Watch out for red flags, such as inflated costs or lies about manufacturer parts. This could result in your insurance company completely denying your claim, or else a reduced pay-out.

Ultimately, the choice of the repair shop is up to you. Make this decision with diligence to avoid the risks of claim denial or reduced pay-out.

These are the things worth considering before using your insurer’s repair shop. Choosing the right car insurance policy can help make the claims process smoother. Contact the experts at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in Texas to get the perfect auto insurance plan. Get the best price from one of our many carriers, including Kemper, MetLife, Nationwide, Travelers, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance.