Should You Consider Buying a Car in COVID-19?

It’s a time where putting off desires and prioritizing essentials is the right thing to do. The slowdown is creating a major dilemma for buyers as buying a car in coronavirus may seem unnecessary. As car sales drop, many buyers are confused as to whether buying a car is a good option or not.

Let’s check out whether you should consider buying a car during COVID- 19:

Is It a Good Time to Buy a Car?

Totally! The slowdown has forced all manufacturers to stop production. This means two things: First, there will be major discounts from manufacturers to sell off existing cars. Second, once the slowdown is over, there can be a significant demand for cars, leading to a price hike. So, if you have the budget, you may be able to buy a car in COVID-19 at a lower price.

Are You Allowed to Buy a Car in COVID-19?

Even though the Shelter-at-Home directive is passed across major states, there is no nationwide lockdown. Dealers have not been asked to stop sales – the Federal Department of Homeland Security listed vehicle service, leasing, and rentals as essential infrastructures. Unless there are specific directives from your state government, you can locate an operational dealer nearby.

How Should You Go About It?

Go online and check which car dealers are operational, along with their timings and delivery schedules. Do your research on various incentive programs by dealerships or manufacturers. You may even find a deal on premium vehicles.

What About Auto Finance Plans?

Many manufacturers have rolled out financial benefits for customers. General Motors will finance customers at 0% APR for 84 months. There are many deals to be had during these hard times, so look around to find the right one for you.

Indeed, buying a car in coronavirus is possible. All dealers are following strict hygiene protocols and offering contactless delivery. Also, many dealers are planning to use an e-commerce portal for selling and paperwork. So, you won’t even have to step out!

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