Simple Tips For Safer Summer Grilling

Lighting up the grill to feed your friends and family is one of the simple joys of summer that most families can’t live without. If you indulge in ribs or barbeque chicken during your outdoor celebrations, make sure you know the tenets of grilling safety to avoid expensive accidents.

Store your grill and any associated fuel cylinders away from your home, and leave a gap when using it as well. A load of hot coals will leave a burnt patch on your lawn, but it could ignite the structure itself if it spills right onto your doorstep.

Keep the cooking surface and interior of the grill free from deposits of grease and fat. These drippings will catch on fire that ruins your food and could start a bigger fire. Cleaning isn’t just recommended for the look of your grill. Finally, don’t be tempted to use lighter fluid. Stick with charcoal that lights easily or go with propane and use a long-nozzled grill lighter. Improving your homeowners insurance can also help if you love to grill. For an affordable and comprehensive protection policy, contact Mike Leonard Insurance for all of your options.