Southlake Restaurant Highlight: Snowflakes and Crepes Cafe

Snowflakes and Crepes Café specializes in sweet crepes, shaved ice, artisan desserts, and light food. They offer a one-of-a-kind snowflake shaved ice that’s made of 80 percent fresh fruit. Once you eat here, you’ll come back for another treat and another treat until you’ve tried them all!

Although the place is small and reminds you of a tiny restaurant in Europe, this isn’t a place you want to pass up. Regardless of your age, there’s something at Snowflakes and Crepes Café for everyone from ham and cheese sandwich-like crepes to chocolate snowflake with banana. Adults will love the fact that the food is actually healthy for you and the kids will love the do-it-yourself cotton candy machine!

Open every day, Snowflakes and Crepes Café is truly a hidden gem in Southlake. While you’re there, hook up to their free Wi-Fi and contact us to get a quote for your auto insurance or home insurance. Located in Carrollton, Texas, Mike Leonard Insurance is where you’ll find unbeatable premiums with fast, friendly service.