Residency In These 10 States May Equal Expensive Coverage

As a homeowner, managing your insurance premiums is likely a top concern. While you cannot control the vulnerabilities your hometown is faced with, you can expect any major incidents or catastrophic events to have a negative impact on how much you pay for homeowners insurance. Many of these events and incidents make certain states more expensive to insure than others. When it comes to your state’s premiums and homeowners insurance in North Texas, it may be advantageous to look at the top 10 states where homeowners insurance coverage is most expensive.

State’s Premiums & Homeowners Insurance:

  1. Florida – There are a wide range of vulnerabilities that Florida residents are faced with, which is why the average annual premium for homeowners in Florida is $2,084.
  2. Louisiana – Natural disasters in Louisiana have made it significantly more daunting to insure a home in this beautiful but vulnerable state. The average homeowners insurance premium for Louisiana residents is about $1,742 annually.
  3. Texas – The average annual homeowners insurance premium for Texas residents is $1,551.
  4. Oklahoma – Tornados may be to blame for the elevated annual premiums for Oklahoma residents, with the average annual homeowners insurance premium being $1,501.
  5. Mississippi – The average annual homeowners insurance premium for Mississippi homeowners is $1,314.
  6. Alabama – Tornados seem to be the culprit for elevated homeowners insurance premiums in Alabama as well, with an average annual premium of $1,248.
  7. Rhode Island – The average annual homeowners insurance premium for Rhode Island homeowners is $1,233.
  8. Kansas – Rural Kansas is notoriously more expensive to insure, with average annual premiums at about $1,213.
  9. Connecticut – The average annual homeowners insurance premium for Connecticut residents is about $1,160.
  10. New York – If you live in New York, you know that nearly everything is costlier in the big city, including homeowners insurance premiums. The average homeowners insurance premium in New York is $1,158.

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