Which States Have the Rudest Drivers?

States with the Rudest DriversWe’ve all been in a situation where a driver cuts us off and gives you the “look” because you’re driving too slowly or not to their liking. These aggressive and rude driving habits are not only bothersome, but are extremely dangerous. We’ve gathered a list of states with the rudest drivers, so you can prepare yourself while road tripping across the US:

  • Rude drivers can be found everywhere, even in Utah. Many Utah residents complain that most motorists on the road seem to be in a race, constantly speeding to their destinations.
  • If you have ever been to Nevada, specifically Las Vegas, you know how dangerous the roads can be. With taxi drivers, intoxicated drivers, limos, tour buses, and tourists crowding the roads, it becomes a hectic and dangerous situation. When driving through Nevada, you can expect aggressive driving tendencies to be at an all-time high.
  • Many New Jersey residents complain that motorists fail to leave sufficient room in between cars, making for dangerously congested roads.
  • Delaware motorists are notorious for tailgating each other. Therefore, if you’re driving through Delaware, make sure that you have sufficient space in between cars so you don’t make anyone angry!
  • Did you know that Vermont residents have a dangerous tendency to speed? You can expect other cars to be speeding past you while operating the Vermont roads.
  • Massachusetts’ motorists are known for being rude altogether. Whether it’s speeding, tailgating, honking, rushing lights, you can expect many Massachusetts motorists to be doing them all, plus everything in between!
  • Idaho has been ranked one of the states with the rudest drivers because they drive much slower than the speed limit! Slow drivers enrage aggressive drivers, causing dangerous situations!

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