New Year’s Eve Safety Precautions

Stay safe this New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve is one of the most fun and exciting holidays of the year.  However, there are certain risks that come along with this holiday.  If you are ready to kick off the new year with a bash, then make sure you are taking these precautions to stay safe this New Year’s Eve.


For many, New Year’s Eve means tossing back a few drinks.  There’s nothing wrong with indulging on the holiday, just try to drink in moderation.  Additionally, you should never accept an open drink or leave your drink unattended.  Unfortunately, there are many cases of people’s drinks being spiked or drugged, so just play things safe.  If you have even the slightest suspicion that your drink has been tampered with, then throw it away immediately.


Obviously, you should never drive while under the influence of alcohol.  If you are going out, make sure you have a designated driver or rely on a ride sharing service such as Uber.  Additionally, you should watch out and make sure that your friends do not attempt to drink and drive.  While your friends may be angry at you for confiscating their keys, it’s better than letting them put themselves and others at risk.


Lighting fireworks is a super fun way to welcome the New Year.  However, you should leave the fireworks to the professionals.  For starters, firework usage is illegal in many states.  Even if fireworks aren’t illegal, you shouldn’t play around with them.  Incorrectly handling fireworks could result in serious burns or a fire emergency.

Try out these tips to stay safe this New Year’s Eve.  We at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency would like to wish you a happy and healthy New Year.  If you are looking for insurance for the new year, then contact us.  Located in North Texas, our dedicated team is eager to find you the right coverage from one of our many carriers including: Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance.