Suggestions to Help You Stay Safe Behind the Wheel This Spring

Try out these spring driving safety tips.

Just because the gloom and bad weather of winter have passed doesn’t mean that the road is free from hazards.  Just like winter, spring poses some very serious risks for drivers.  If you want to protect yourself and others on the road this season, then try out these spring driving safety tips.

  • Watch Out for Potholes

Extreme winter weather conditions can wreak havoc on the roadways, creating large potholes.  To make matters worse, spring rain can fill these holes, making them more difficult to see.  Because driving over a pothole can cause serious damage to your car, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for these hazards.  If you do spot a pothole, then do your best to steer around it.  If you cannot avoid the hole, then slow down before driving over it to minimize the impact that the sudden dip has on your car.

  • Reduce Your Speed for Spring Showers

For many drivers, spring ushers in a period of unexpected rain storms.  These random bouts of rain are quite dangerous because the water mixes with oil on the road to create an incredibly slick driving surface.  Additionally, rain will also compromise your visibility and increase your chances of overlooking a driving hazard and getting into an accident.  To stay safe during a spring shower, switch on your headlights, reduce your speed, and avoid swerving or sudden braking.

  • Look Out for Pedestrians and Bike Riders

Now that the weather is warmer, you will likely see more pedestrians and bikers out and about.  To ensure your safety and the safety of others, make sure that you reduce your speed when driving through neighborhoods or near bike trails and parks.  You should also be extra cautious when approaching crosswalks.  Make sure you survey the area carefully just in case a pedestrian darts out without checking first.

Try out these spring driving safety tips to protect yourself when you are behind the wheel.  Want another way to stay safe as you drive?  Then make sure you have the right auto insurance protections in place.  For assistance with all your car coverage needs, contact us at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency.  Our dedicated team is eager to find you the right coverage from one of our many carriers including: Kemper, MetLife, Nationwide, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance.