Labor Day Weekend Safety Tips!

Have a safe Labor Day weekend when you get together with friends to have a barbecue in the hot weather. Everyone deserves to have a good time, but it’s so important to stay safe. It seems harmless enough, but .

  1. FIRE – When fire is involved, have a fire extinguisher on hand. Know how to control a fire. Grills and smokers cause injuries, damage and even deaths. Learn how to cut fuel supply, extinguish fires and have access to a phone in case of emergency.
  2. FOOD SAFETY – Bacteria can be found in any kind of food, including vegetables, fruits and meats. Any temperature besides freezing can harbor bacteria. Keep meat cool until it is ready to be cooked, and then keep it hot until time to eat it. Refrigerate leftovers immediately. All fruits and vegetables should be kept cool and adequately washed before being eaten.
  3. INSTRUCTIONS – Always read the instructions when using any equipment. Gas and charcoal grills, smokers and outdoor ranges can be dangerous if not used properly.
  4. SMOKE – Keep people away from the smoke from the grill. It contains carbon monoxide that can be fatal. Make sure your grill is away from the majority of the crowd.
  5. LOCATION – If your grill is placed too close to your home, it could cause a fire. Keep anything heat and fire related away from buildings, trees, bushes and furniture.
  6. GAS SAFETY – An obstruction in the fuel line of your grill can cause a fire. Make sure you inspect the underneath and inside of your grill before use. Bugs and pests can crawl in and leave debris that could be a safety hazard.
  7. CHARCOAL SAFETY – Lighter fluid can be dangerous when lighting a charcoal grill. Never add the fluid to coals that are already hot. Always follow instructions on the container.
  8. GREASE – Food that is greasy can be a fire hazard, also. Grease collects in the bottom of your grill and can build up over time. Always keep your grill clean, whether it is gas or charcoal. Smokers can potentially be hazardous when grease is involved.
  9. CANCER – Charring meats will cause a substance on the surface to form that has been identified to have the ability to cause cancer. To minimize the potential risk, there are several things that you can do. You can use a marinade, keep the grill temperature low, use thinner cuts of meat, and never overcook foods.
  10. ALCOHOL – Never drink alcohol when you are in charge of a grill or a smoker. You need to have a clear head when dealing with something that could potentially harm people. Save the alcohol for after the grill is off.

Following these tips will ensure that you and your family will have a safe and fun holiday. For more information about summer barbecue safety in the Carrollton, TX area, please contact Mike Leonard Insurance at any time.