Teen Cell Phone Safety on the Road

Teenage drivers are among the worst abusers of cell phone use during driving. Texting, emailing, and other cell phone uses are statistically among the least safe things you can do while driving. Here are a few tips to guide you in instructing your teen drivers on this dangerous activity.


  • Don’t do it. Statistically, because it diverts your attention from driving for longer periods of time, it is far more dangerous than drunk driving.


  • Know the law in your area. Because it has become such a dangerous safety issue, using your phone while driving is now illegal in many places.


  • Pull over to use the phone. If you must use it, stop driving to do so.


  • If you get stuck on your phone while driving, don’t stay on it. Tell the other party to leave you a voicemail, or that you will return their call later. Multi-tasking behind the wheel is not an appropriate activity if it includes lengthy distractions like ongoing cell phone use.


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