Texas Makes Top 10 Dog Bite Claims List

Many homeowners might not be aware that the largest amount of liability claims paid out have nothing to do with their property itself. Instead, dog bites actually account for a significant amount of homeowner liability claims. When a dog bite or dog attack injury is claimed against a homeowner, it raises their insurance rates and may also require the payment of a deductible depending on the claim. Some dog bite claims may also lead to additional suits against the homeowners if they are found to have been negligent. Texas is now one of the top ten states for dog bite claims.

Homeowners that have dogs need to be very careful about having adequate fencing, putting up warning signs about their dogs and being aware of the danger their dogs present. Texas homeowners may also want to rely on their dogs less for security and more on their home alarm systems. Texas homeowners should also be aware that some dog owners have been found criminally guilty in cases where it was found that they knew their dogs were dangerous.  Most home insurance companies have restrictions on certain breeds of aggressive dogs so make sure that you have advised your agent of the type of dogs on the premises.

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