Texting & Driving Days Could be Over Soon in Texas

Texas is looking at legislation that would make it illegal for a person to text and drive. While the majority of people already agree that it’s a bad idea to text while you’re driving, it’s currently not illegal to do it. Cities like Amarillo have already banned texting while driving in the city limits, but now the state is looking at a ban that would extend to all of the roadways, whether in cities or not. More than 2500 people died on Texas roadways in 2012. Texting and driving was the third highest cause for these crashes.

Now, Texas is looking at the "Talk, Text, Crash" campain, and bills are being drafted that would make it illegal to text while driving. The only exception would be for those who are using a hands-free device. Thirty-nine other states already ban texting while driving, and Texas lawmakers want to make their state a part of that group. By doing so, lives could be saved. It’s also possible that insurance rates would come down, which would be another benefit to drivers throughout the state.

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