Ticket Violations: Minor vs. Major

What Bad Driving Costs: Major vs. Minor Ticket Violations

Texas ranks 5th on the list of states that write the most tickets to its drivers, and it is no surprise why. In addition to wanting to keep the roads safe, there is a financial element. Between the state’s top forty speed traps, $178,367,093 of income was generated between 2000 and 2008! If you find yourself facing a ticket, would you know its consequences?

So you can know what a traffic violation could cost you, here is a look at minor vs. major ticket violations.

  • Minor Violations: When you get pulled over for a minor violation, you can expect to either pay the fine, fight your ticket in court, or—if you have the option—take traffic school in order to get your ticket dismissed. Some examples of minor violations include disobeying railroad crossing signs ($50-$200 ticket), not wearing a seatbelt ($50-$200 ticket), speeding (around $150 ticket, depending on your municipality), and parking in a disabled space (up to $500 ticket).
  • Major Violations: With a major violation, you can expect not just to pay money but also to do some jail time. For example, driving while intoxicated will cost you $2,000 for your first offense, a license suspension of 90 days or more, and at least three days in jail. Reckless driving can cost you as much as $200 and up to 30 days in jail.

You work hard to stay safe on the road, and that helps you avoid the cost of traffic tickets. It can also help keep more money in your pocket in regards to your Coppell, TX auto insurance; safe driving can help drive your premiums down. To learn more about how your driving behavior can help you save, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in North Texas.