Tips To Prevent Holiday Theft

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind with these tips to prevent holiday theft.

There are plenty of reasons to love the holidays. Families gather, delicious flavors permeate, stores get all decked out, and people seem to have a little more pep in their step!

There are also plenty of reasons for thieves to love the holidays. We’re all distracted by the festive season, but we also have gifts—prepackaged for their convenience—piling up in our homes and cars.

To give yourself the gift of peace of mind in the coming season, use these tips to prevent holiday theft.

First, make sure your holiday purchases make it home safely by always locking your car doors and hiding purchases you’re storing in your car for the day in your covered trunk or under the seat. Also, look for well-lit parking spots.

Once you get your gifts home, protect them by using all of the locks in your home (that includes the ones on the windows of the upper stories of your home). If you’re going to be heading out of time for part of the holiday season, make sure your vacant house doesn’t become a point of interest for a thief by leaving a light on a timer in a visible window and having someone pick up your mail.

Finally, defend against identity theft by making sure your receipts make it home with you, using your hand to shield the keypad when typing in your pin number, and only shopping online at verified, secure sites.

Should the worst happen and a thief make away with your belongings or your identity, would your insurance coverage pick up the tab? If you’re not sure, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency. We can review your policies and work with our carriers (Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance) to set you up with the Texas coverage you need this holiday season and throughout the year!