7 Tips for Storing your Classic Car for Winter

Tips for Storing your Classic Car for WinterWe understand the unique needs of classic car owners. Your most prized possession is insured differently than standard vehicles and requires a great deal more of attention. If you’ll be storing your classic car for winter, it’s important that you prepare for the idle period. Gathered are 7 helpful tips for preparing for winter:

  1. You’ll want to detail the inside and outside of your vehicle. This includes waxing the entire car from top to bottom and underneath. Next, you’ll want to lubricate all rubber parts and get your car cleaned and ready to sit a bit.
  2. It’s important that you drain your classic car’s fluids, but make sure to do so when the car is still hot. This will ensure that no fluids are sitting idly for the next several months. When draining the fluids of your vehicle, make sure to wear gloves.
  3. Likewise, you’ll want to prepare your brakes for the winter by draining the system of all old fluids, and replacing them with new fluids.
  4. It’s important to put grease on all universal joints. This includes your suspension fittings, steering, and the front wheel bearings.
  5. If you’ll be storing your car for 6 months or more, so it’s important that you drain the fuel tank of all old fluids and gas. Classic car owners who will only be storing their prized possession for a few months should add one can of gasoline stabilizer to the fuel tank instead.
  6. The cooling system should be drained of all fluids. Once drained, be sure to leave the radiator cap off and the petcock open.
  7. Finally, raise your car on jack stands to ensure your classic car’s protection!

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