Check Out These Tips to Prevent a House Fire & Protect Your Home with Homeowners Insurance

Learn how to reduce your risk for a house fire and invest in homeowners insurance.

From a cooking endeavor gone wrong to a freak electrical fire, there are lots of everyday activities that can set your home ablaze. In fact, house fires are more common (and dangerous) than you may think. Be prepared for a disaster with the right homeowners insurance, and check out how to reduce your risk for a house fire.

  • Be vigilant in the kitchen. It only takes a moment for a fire to start. If you’re going to cook, stay and keep watch so that you can take care of any dangerous situations that arise.
  • Use your electrical outlets sparingly. Not only will using less energy help you to save on your utility bills, but it will also help you to prevent a house fire. Overloading your outlets can increase your risk of a fire.
  • Clean your storm gutters regularly. Over time, your gutters become cluttered with dirt and debris that could become tinder for a fire. It just takes one ember to light your home ablaze. Play it safe and keep your gutters well maintained.
  • Never leave a candle unattended. While candles may provide a nice atmosphere, they can start a fire if not watched carefully. Play it safe and switch over to flameless candles.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on hand and know how to use it. That way you can quickly put out a fire before it gets out of hand. However, use your judgment wisely. In the event of a fire, evacuate your home and call the fire department immediately to let the professionals handle the situation.

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