Learn How a Traffic Ticket Affects Your Car Insurance

Avoid a traffic ticket and save on your car insurance in Frisco.

Your car insurance premiums are based on your driving habits. The safer the driver, the lower the premiums. However, a traffic ticket can unravel years of your perfect driving habits. From a minor infraction to a serious offense, a ticket can impact your car insurance in Frisco. Check out how a traffic ticket can affect your auto insurance records.

Minor Ticket.

Don’t underestimate a minor ticket. It could have a significant impact on your insurance rates. Your insurance may increase by as much as five percent just from a ticket for not wearing your seatbelt. Be wary of even the smallest infractions so that you can avoid any unnecessary increases in your insurance rates.


As the offense gets increasingly more serious, so do the stakes. The more reckless your driving, the greater your insurance premiums become. Moderate traffic tickets can increase your insurance rates quite a bit. A speeding ticket, for example, can increase your rate by an average of 28 percent. Abide by the rules of the road to avoid an increase in your rates.

Serious Violation.

Putting other lives in danger is one of the most serious offenses when it comes to the law. And insurance companies don’t mess around either. From reckless driving to driving under the influence, endangering others not only comes with a ticket, but the possibility of jail time. Not to mention it can increase your insurance rate by over 300 percent.

Follow the rules of the road to avoid traffic tickets and prevent rate increases. Get the right car insurance in Frisco so that you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected. Contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in North Texas. We’ll work to get you the right coverage from one of our carriers Kemper, MetLife, Travelers, The Hartford, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance so you can rest easy with great protection.