Creative Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

Ways to Beat Spring Allergies

Finding Spring Allergy Relief 

Nobody likes to carry around a tissue box and allergy medication all spring and summer long, but often, we cannot find immediate relief of our pesky spring allergies. Rather than driving yourself crazy with the sniffles, keep these creative ways to beat spring allergies in mind so that you can rid yourself of the spring sniffles:

  • By utilizing your air conditioning, you can avoid leaving windows open which invites pollen in. Also, try to refrain from using a fan, as fans only whirl around pet danger and dust.
  • Likewise, try to avoid the wind! You can expect your allergies to be at their worst when it is windy out. Therefore, try to avoid going outside when it is especially windy.
  • Whenever gardening, try to wear a dust mask so that you are not covering yourself and sinuses with pollen. Also, it is important to change your clothes and shower before getting comfy to avoid carrying the pollen around with you.
  • Did you know that you can clear your sinuses of pollen and dust simply by clearing up your nasal passages? Nasal irrigation with a neti pot helps many with severe spring allergies to find relief.
  • A diet filled with fish, red grapes, tomatoes, nuts, and apples can also help to fight off many spring allergies, so give it a try!
  • Even when following all of these tips, you sometimes may need to resort to over the counter remedies. This means utilizing oral antihistamines and vitamin C whenever your spring allergies are peaking.

We hope these creative ways to beat spring allergies allow you to enjoy the season without having to carry around a tissue box! Serving Carrollton, North Texas, Coppell, and all of Texas, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency for all of your insurance needs. Your coverage needs are our top priority!