What are some of the factors that affect auto insurance rates?

To get car insurance in Texas you must give a lot of personal information to the insurance company. By doing this, this insurance companies can give you a quote for car insurance that is tailored for you. So, you may be wondering what information you need to provide and how it effects your insurance rate.

Driver(s) Profile

Each driver covered by the policy will have to disclose accident and ticket history and how many miles per year they will drive the car. Clean records and low mileage bring you the lowest rates.

The Car

The premium for your auto insurance will be based in part on the kind of car you drive. Insurance companies keep data on the car’s initial cost, repair costs, safety record and likelihood of theft for your make and model as reported by the Insurance Information Institute.

Personal Driver(s) Information

This information asks for full disclosure of each driver’s age, sex and occupation. This information is used to create your safety profile by comparing you statistically to others with similar or the same characteristics.

Coverage Selected

High deductible and low limit policies are usually less expensive than low deductible, high limit policies.

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