What Homeowners Should Do When Moving In

Unpacked your new home? Now do these tasks!

You’ve cleared the hurdles of hunting down the right house, securing your mortgage, and moving in – congratulations, New Homeowner! While you may have collapsed onto the sofa after a long day of unpacking, don’t get too comfortable. All is not well with your home until you’ve completed a few essential safety precautions.

Here are the top tasks for all new homeowners:

Get new keys and change the locks – You don’t know if the previous homeowner gave the key to every family member and every neighbor. Change the locks as soon as you move in and change the code to the garage door! Then, you’ve made your house yours.

Get to know your utilities – Get familiar with all of the systems in your house so that you know where the water value and power boxes are in an emergency.

Get service checks – While the house comes with nifty appliances, they may not be in the best condition. Hire professionals to inspect the appliances as well as the chimney, cooler, heater, and fireplace to make sure that they’re ready to use throughout the year!

Get new batteries – The smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be checked as soon as possible. If the batteries are running low, replace them with fresh ones so that your family and home is kept safe.

Get homeowners insurance – In addition to protecting your home with safety systems, homeowners need the right home insurance coverage in place. Obtain a policy that matches your castle, your Home-Sweet-Home, your new home!

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