What You Need to Know About Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance can be so complex that you may feel that you need a guide to understand it. However, it’s actually fairly straightforward as long as you take it step by step. Most homeowner insurance policies cover damage to your property and your possessions. Often, an insurance policy will cover a portion of your possessions even if they are not physically in your home when damaged or stolen.

Liability coverage provided by a homeowner insurance policy will often protect you in the event that someone is injured on your property. One of the most common claims against a homeowner insurance policy is actually from dog bites.

There are certain exclusions to a homeowner insurance policy that you should be aware of. This often includes landslides, sinkholes, natural flooding and earthquakes. If you’re in an area that is predisposed to these types of events, you may need to acquire additional coverage to protect yourself and your possessions.

Insurance brokers can help you acquire the best coverage at the least expensive prices. For more information about home insurance and for quotes contact the insurance experts at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in Carrollton, Texas.