Why an Independent Insurance Agent?

You are likely being bombarded with an assortment of TV, radio and internet ads that promise how much you can save on your insurance and in what short period of time it can be done. The fact is, there is a better way. You should seek out an independent agent.

An independent agent serves as the middleman between you and your insurance company. They do all the work, and when you need help with a claim, they are there as your friend and advocate. They make sure you are covered with the best rate from the company who can best serve your particular needs.

An article in Independent Agent Magazine lists some of the other reasons you should choose an independent agent. They include one stop shopping for all your insurance needs, service, and making a complicated subject, well… less complicated. Can you buy insurance online yourself? Of course you can, but should you? More and more people are discovering the benefits, and savings, of becoming a client of an independent agent.

Mike Leonard Insurance Agency is pleased to be an independent agent serving the North Texas area. Contact us and learn more about how we can secure you and your family excellent coverage and save you even more money than you can save yourself!