Why State Liability on Your Car is not Enough

Just about every insurance agent has had the conversation about why people have to carry insurance before they can drive. States have gone so far as to require certain minimum coverage limits that people have to have by law. But the real questions is whether or not the state limits are enough to really cover you and your family in an accident? Here are a few things to think through about state minimums.

State Set Liability Limits

  • State limits are the lowest that you can buy. There are higher limits that you can choose from. In some cases it is cheaper to have the higher limits of liability.
  • Medical costs are the rise and state limits rarely cover the cost of the entire accident.
  • If there is damage to your car, you will find that liability only will not fix the damages. Liability only covers the injury side of an accident.
  • State limits may cover one person but what if there are two in the car and they both are injured. Your limits may run out before everything is paid leaving you with a large bill.

If you are having questions about your current limits, then you need to visit our website to learn more. We can help get your policy the way it should be and answer your questions. Your policy should fit your driving situation.