You May Not Think You Need Flood Insurance…

Prudent homeowners will typically make sure that they arrange for proper insurance for their house, taking advantage of the services of an expert insurance agent. Then they think that since they are covered, they don’t need to give any more consideration to their insurance.

However, if you have never been through a flood and the area where you live doesn’t seem to have suffered floods in quite a while, you may be in for a rude awakening. Although you may think you don’t need flood insurance, there is a possibility that it’s crucial for your location.

Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not reimburse you for flood damage to your home. What will you do if a nearby dam fails, or if your region experiences extremely heavy rains for a prolonged period? A hurricane, tropical storm and other inclement weather could wind up causing extensive flood damage.  What if the storm drain system at the end of the street becomes clogged and the water backs up into your home?

It’s a good idea for you to check the U.S. government’s National Flood Insurance Program website to determine the relative risk of floods to your property, and to find out about what you might expect to pay for premiums.

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