4 Insurance Policies to Consider as a Young Adult

Whether you’re single and dreaming of traveling through your twenties, or a young adult trying to grow your family, chances are you’re not eager to purchase a bunch of insurance plans. After all, you want to build wealth from your limited income.

However, insurance is critical in adulthood, and establishing the right policies now can save you a lot of financial trouble down the road. It can also give you peace of mind knowing you are covered for the unexpected. Here are a few of the most crucial types of insurance for young adults.

Business Insurance      

These days, it’s more feasible than ever to run a successful business from home. However, while the benefits are many, running a home business comes with challenges and requires you to be diligent in ensuring growth and protecting your home and family.

For example, if you have a home-based company, you should prioritize getting home-based business insurance. This type of policy can cover many items your homeowners’ insurance may not cover. This includes damage to your data (digital and physical), business equipment, computers, and other tools.

Life Insurance     

It’s common for young adults to ignore life insurance, especially if they are not married and don’t have children depending on them. However, even if you want to spend your money on other things and you are not thinking about death at all, it’s worth considering taking out a life insurance policy. Life insurance can help your beneficiary in the event of your death and cover your funeral costs, estate expenses, debts your family could be liable for, and other obligations.

Another significant benefit of purchasing life insurance when you are young is that it is easy and affordable. In fact, you will likely pay one-third of your monthly premium in your 20s than you will if you wait until your 50s to obtain a policy.

Auto Insurance     

Everyone who owns or drives a vehicle is required to have liability coverage. Minimal coverage helps to pay for any damages caused to property or injuries to people when you are driving. Unfortunately, auto insurance is more expensive for younger people (in contrast to life insurance) because younger drivers are considered a higher risk for accidents. But there are plenty of ways to save when purchasing an auto insurance policy.

For example, drive as safely as possible by adhering to local regulations, following signs, and minimizing distractions anytime you are behind the wheel. Also, drive a vehicle that costs less to cover; typically, you will pay more to insure a car that is more expensive. Some insurance providers will give discounts to students with good grades and young people with good credit, so keep that in mind as well!

Health Insurance     

You are no longer required by the federal government to obtain health insurance coverage, but if you were to become severely injured or sick, you could see catastrophic medical bills. Medical debt is the culprit for many personal bankruptcies, and getting a policy could cover most of your out-of-pocket medical bills and save you from financial ruin.

There are countless types of health insurance policies, so it is critical to review your options before settling on a plan. Consider your current financial situation and your health to find a plan that fits your lifestyle and will help secure your financial future.

Many young people dream about big things in the future yet fail to consider the unpredictability of life. The truth is, you may get by without having some of the insurance policies mentioned above. But what if something unexpected happens and you’re not covered? Consider the information and advice above, and research all of your options so that you can choose the best plans for your situation.

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