Fender-Bender Protocol

Auto Insurance Coppell TX

Minimizing The Mess With a Minor Accident

Who can forget the awful feeling that comes with your first fender bender? Fortunately, you can minimize the disappointment and headache that comes with a small traffic accident by following these few steps.

  1. Pull Off The Road: Once you have made sure no injuries were sustained, move your and all other involved vehicles off of the roadway. This will help keep the accident small and all parties safe.
  2. Call The Police: Report the accident and ask where you can go to secure a copy of the report. Your insurance provider will likely need the document to file your claims.
  3. Share and Secure Information: Make sure you get the full name, car information, and insurance information of all other parties involved in the accident. If you have the chance, take pictures of the accident damage of both cars, even use the recorder on your phone to take a statement from the other person if they are admitting fault.
  4. Call Your Agent: Having auto insurance means you have someone to call when unfortunate situations arise. Get on the phone with your agent so they can advise you on next steps and begin your claim.

Once you get the ball rolling on filing a claim, you can move towards resolution by doing the following:

  1. Get a Quote: Take your vehicle in to a repair facility to get a quote on the cost of repairing your vehicle. Ask your insurance company for recommendations on an auto shop.
  2. Pay Your Deductible: Once you pay your deductible, your insurance company will take over the financial responsibility. If you are not at fault in the incident then the other persons insurance should pay 100% of the repair with no expense to you.  This will also include substitute transportation while your car is being nursed back to perfection.

To make sure you have the auto insurance necessary to cover you in a fender-bender, contact Mike Leonard Insurance Agency to get the protection you and your vehicle need. Serving Carrollton, Coppell, and the rest of Texas, we can be the one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs.