Car Insurance Frisco TX

Your car is an important part of your everyday life. Do you think you could get through one full week without your car? While not impossible, it would likely be difficult, especially here in North Texas. With the sprawling land and dry summer heat, you’re not likely going to want to walk very far. Your car is also an investment, one that you want to protect and preserve. When it comes to cheap car insurance in Frisco, TX you’ll likely want more than just the state-required minimum level of liability insurance. Cheap car insurance is definitely appealing, but there are a myriad of coverage options and customized policies available from your Frisco, TX insurance agency. We provide the car insurance in Frisco, TX can count on, from cheap car insurance in Frisco, TX to higher-end, premium policies.

Your Car Insurance Frisco TX Options

Auto policies can vary tremendously. Beyond just minimum coverage in liability insurance required by Texas state law or cheap car insurance policies in Frisco TX, your car insurance Frisco, TX options include:

Collision. Provides coverage for damages from collisions with another car or any other object.
Comprehensive. Covers non-car accident damage from events such as fire, flood, hail or theft.
Rental Reimbursement. Great for those with just one car; if your car must be in the shop for a long period as part of a covered claim, rental car expenses are reimbursed.
Towing. Covers towing costs for your vehicle following an accident, a stalled engine or similar circumstance.
Medical. Covers driver and passenger medical costs resulting from a car accident.

Ready for a Quote?

Ready to learn more about your specific coverage options? The Mike Leonard Insurance Agency can offer you customized quotes and policies, and we’ll help you find your ideal solution. Browse our website or call us at 972-394-2000 to inquire about policies and receive a custom quote. The Mike Leonard Insurance Agency offers car insurance in Frisco, TX trusts. Located in Carrollton, TX, we proudly serve all of the surrounding areas and communities.

At Mike Leonard Insurance Agency, we are proud to provide you a free quote with top companies who offer excellent policies at the best price for homeowners insurance and auto insurance products. We have been assisting residents of Frisco, TX with all of their insurance needs for well over 30 years and are eager to help you as well!