5 Responsibilities of Landlords

Carrollton Landlords Responsibilities

As a landlord, you have a variety of responsibilities that factor into the satisfaction levels of your tenants and the success of your apartment complex. Compiled is a list of 5 responsibilities you have as a landlord in order to abide by all laws and maintain happiness amongst your tenants:

  1. Safety First! Your tenants want to feel safe in their home. Therefore, you must install the necessary safety measures to provide them with protection. When tenants move out, be sure to change the locks. You should install deadbolts and alarm systems around the complex. If possible, hire a security guard to monitor the apartment complex at night.
  2. As a landlord, you are required by law to maintain your property’s value. That means conducting the necessary repairs in a timely manner. If tenants have to wait weeks to see results, they will not be happy. For large apartment complexes, you may benefit by using an online platform where tenants can submit repair requests.
  3. Make for a quiet complex night. You may want to instill rules regarding loud noises after a certain time of day. It is easily as important that you respond to noise complaints immediately.
  4. Make sure to comply with all legal requirements when it comes to handling your tenant’s security deposits. These requirements tend to vary across state lines so be sure to do your research.
  5. Make sure to maintain the cleanliness of your apartment complex. You should hire a cleaning crew and provide tenants with public disposal options. If you have any playgrounds or enclosed areas for public use, be sure to clean these places as well.

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