Child Safety Seats Save Lives!

Parents, use this guide for properly using child safety seats, and save lives!

As a parent, you are familiar with the sensation of worrying about your child. While some concerns are out of your control, it turns out the biggest one is something you can easily do something about: car travel. Car crashes are the top cause of death among children ages 1 to 13 in the United States, but properly using child safety seats can reduce your children’s risk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says proper seat use decreases the risk of fatal injury among infants by 71 percent, among toddlers by 54 percent, and saves the lives of hundreds of children over the age of 5 each year!

If you have children, one of the best safety tips we can offer you is to learn how to properly use a child seat. Here’s a quick look at child seat safety.

  • An infant should never be put in the front seat in front of an air bag.
  • Make sure harness straps sit at or below shoulder level, fit snugly, and lie flat across your child’s body.
  • Avoid dressing your children in bulky clothes that could make it hard to properly tighten harness straps around them.
  • Face infant’s seats towards the back of the car and recline them at a 45-degree angle so your infant’s head doesn’t flop forward. If your infant is slouching in his or her seat, pad gaps around him or her with rolled up blankets (diapers work in a pinch).

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