Drive More Efficiently and Save Money on Fuel with These Tips

With the economy in such a slump and fuel prices hardly getting lower, more and more drivers are trying to figure out ways to save fuel whenever possible. You’ll get closer to ‘E’ if you do not drive your car efficiently and you’ll also see your checking account dwindling. Follow these trouble-free tips that will help you get better gas mileage and save some money!

  1. Don’t be the speed demon, but don’t drive like an old lady! Your car may be able to go 0 to 60m ph in five seconds, but that doesn’t mean that it should all the time. And if your car doesn’t get up to 60 mph in five seconds, you shouldn’t try. Whether your car is in a high gear or a low gear, you’ll get poor fuel economy. It’s recommended to take about 15 seconds to reach 50 mph.
  2. Keep your vehicle properly maintained and clean. If you perform regular maintenance on your car, it will perform better and get better gas mileage. Even little things can improve gas mileage, such as adequate air pressure in the tires (as much as three percent monthly). If you keep the inside of your vehicle clean and limit the amount of junk inside, your gas will last a little longer.
  3. Dress warmer in the winter and consider rolling your windows down in the summer. By limiting the usage of your heater and air conditioner, you will burn less fuel.
  4. Don’t leave your car running if you’re parked. If you’ve pulled over into a parking lot to chat with a friend, turn your engine off so you don’t waste fuel. Excessive idling can use as much as a half gallon of gas per hour.

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