Home Maintenance Checklist to Reduce Fall and Winter Property Damage

As fall and winter approach, it’s beneficial for homeowners to prepare for bad weather. Keeping a dry, safe roof over your head should always be a top priority. Here are essential homeowner tips to guard against fall and winter property damage.

Winter Supplies

One of the most important steps you can take to prepare for potential winter property damage is to maintain essential supplies. Stocking up on food, batteries, and updated first aid supplies will help reduce the dangerous effects of a natural disaster.

Seal All Leaks

Living in an air-tight home is one of the most crucial fall home maintenance tips to remember. Check for air leaks in the ceiling, walls, floors, doorways, and windows.

Check Your Piping

Piping can freeze in the winter, causing water flow problems. Conducting routine plumbing inspection will help give you peace of mind and further protection from icy conditions.

Fire Hazards and Smoke Detectors

There are various ways a home can catch on fire during these fall and winter months. Cleaning your chimney helps reduce the chance of a fire from flammable creosote build-up. Closing the chimney when not in use and using a screen in front of the fireplace are good safety measures.

Make sure you check your smoke detectors, which typically need battery replacement every six months. Take a moment to also check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher.

Clean Your Yard

As leaves fall in autumn, make sure they aren’t causing clogging or obstructions, especially in your gutters. Raking leaves periodically in the fall will keep your yard presentable during the rainy season. Removing leaves is important to avoid the build-up of moisture and mold, as well as slippery conditions. Be sure to disconnect garden hoses in case of a freeze.

Revisit Home Insurance Coverage

Always be aware of what type of property coverage you have as an additional precaution for protecting your belongings. If you have questions about your homeowners insurance, speak with your agent to clarify your coverage. Don’t assume your plan covers every disaster, as you may need additional coverage to protect certain items.

Follow these fall and winter home maintenance tips to prevent property damage. Do you have any questions about your homeowners insurance? Contact the experts at Mike Leonard Insurance Agency in Texas. We can connect you with our top insurance carriers, including Kemper, MetLife, Nationwide, Travelers, Safeco Insurance, Progressive, and American Strategic Insurance, to find the coverage you need.