Follow These 3 Tips for a Safe Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a grand and exciting holiday where families and friends can bond over brunch and spend the evening watching the fireworks. However, the celebrations can pose risks if you’re not prepared.

Here are a few tips for a safe Fourth of July celebration:


1. Be Safe with Fireworks

Always use the fireworks as per instructions on the package. Light them on a flat and smooth surface with no flammable materials around and keep a bucket of water handy.
Ensure that the person in charge of handling the fireworks has proper clothing and is wearing safety goggles. Don’t attempt to relight a firework that appears to be a dud. Wait for twenty minutes and then dump it in a bucket of water.
Make sure to report any illegal fireworks or explosives to your local police department. Dispose of all firework material by dousing them in the water and then putting them in trash bags.


2. Keep Your Pets Safe

Pets often fear loud noises, so avoid leaving them outside or taking them to public firework displays. Another safety tip is to leave your pet inside with a TV or radio on to decrease the noise if your home isn’t soundproofed. To minimize the anxiety of your pets, try to be around them as much as possible and keep them comfortable.


3. Watch Your Kids

Ask your kids to maintain a safe distance from the fireworks and don’t leave them unattended when they’re playing with sparklers. If they’re running around in public areas, make sure they don’t get lost in the crowd. It’s also recommended to keep alcoholic beverages away from their reach.
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