Good Driving Habits You Should Adopt This Fall

Every driver on Texas roads needs auto insurance and must follow the requirements of the state. Good driving habits can help lower your insurance premiums. Taking a proactive vehicle maintenance approach is one of the keys to preventing an accident that can injure others on the road.

The following tire maintenance tips can steer you in the right direction toward insurance savings when you adopt good driving habits.

Tire Pressure Inspection

Part of taking responsibility for good driving habits involves checking your tire pressure on a routine basis. When you take a carload of people to an event or an individual to a hospital in an emergency, the last thing you want is a blowout on a highway or city street. Blowouts are often caused by improper tire pressure. Too much or too little tire pressure even at slow speeds can cause a flat tire.

It’s important to follow the specifications of your automaker’s manual for tire pressure, using pressure per square inch (PSI) as the metric. Whenever you notice any tire is low on air, take it to a service station that provides free or paid air.


Why Tire Rotation Helps

Another key to good driving habits this fall is to have your tires rotated. Swapping front with back tires helps preserve the lifecycle of each tire. Over time your tires should wear down evenly. If one tire is worn down and the others are not, it can cause the vehicle to slide out of control on slick surfaces.


Examine Your Tire Tread

Make sure you know the condition of your tire tread at all times. Worn treads can heat up tires on the road, leading to a blowout. Low-pressure tires can also be dangerous because it brings metal closer to the road surface. If metal touches the surface, it can heat the tire and build up a friction that can turn into fire. It’s best to have your tire tread regularly inspected by a professional to maintain safe driving conditions.


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