Home-Cleaning Tips to Disinfect Your Belongings

The COVID- 19 pandemic has brought the world to a halt and has forced most of us to stay within our homes. Maintaining social distance and keeping ourselves and our houses clean have become necessary safety measures for everyone. Here are some tips to disinfect your home and belongings.

Commonly-Touched Surfaces

We frequently touch many surfaces in our homes: doorknobs, kitchen counters, light switches, etc. A simple home-cleaning tip is to clean all these surfaces and objects using some soap water and a towel first. Then, apply a surface disinfectant like Purell or isopropyl alcohol.


Disinfecting clothes is simple: all you have to do is wash them with laundry soap or detergent and dry them at a slightly high temperature or put them out in the sun. If there is a sick person in the house, clean and disinfect their belongings properly. Keep a separate set of towels for them to use and wash all their clothes separately.

Smartphones and Other Devices

Use a 70% (or higher) alcohol solution to wipe the screens of your phones and tablets at least once a day. A home-disinfecting tip for smartphones is to remove the device case to clean it and clean underneath the case as well.

Delivery Packages and Boxes

As the virus can stay alive on cardboard for up to 24 hours, so irrespective of the shipping location of your package, it is a good idea to wipe it thoroughly. Discard the boxes once you’ve taken out the goods.

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