Most Expensive U.S. States for Car Insurance

Paying for car insurance is an important part of protecting personal property and health. The problem is that certain states have a higher expense when it relates to monthly costs. The most expensive states for car insurance are important to identify when planning a move or trying to cut back on expenses.


In the United States, Georgia is one of the top ranked states for high prices on insurance coverage. The average driver will pay roughly $2,150 per year for basic coverage. Drivers with accidents or other problems on a report will see higher prices.


The state of Michigan is among the highest for auto insurance coverage. The average cost to insure a vehicle is roughly $2,500 per year. That cost is related to the lifetime personal injury coverage that the state requires, so it does have a positive benefit when it comes to protecting drivers from major financial losses.

Certain states have a high cost when it comes to protecting a vehicle, but that cost is often tempered by the type of coverage the state requires. To learn more about the cost of coverage in any particular state, contact Mike Leonard Insurance.