Ensuring Your Teen’s Safety On The Roads This Summer

Now that summer vacation has finally arrived, the roads will start to fill with teen drivers ready to enjoy their time free from school and responsibilities. However, it is important that you do not let them drop their responsibilities behind the wheel. There are so many safe driving tips that you can relay to the inexperienced drivers in your household and family to enhance safety on the roads.

Summer Driving Tips For Your Teen Driver:

  • Teen drivers are notoriously susceptible to distracted driving. To ensure that your teen does not allow distractions to get the best of them, it may be wise to invest in a device or smartphone app that restricts their phone capabilities behind the wheel. There are various options available to you that will actually restrict all phone capabilities once the car begins to travel at a certain speed.
  • The car your teen drives will also determine their safety behind the wheel. We highly recommend diligently researching the safety record of the cars you are thinking about buying for your teen.
  • Seat belts save lives! If your teen is not equipped with a newer vehicle that alerts the motorist when they are not wearing their life saving device, try to encourage this habit for your teen.
  • Even if your teen has been driving for a year and is out of the provisionary phase of their driver’s license, encourage them to avoid driving their friends, especially during late hours of the night. Friends in the car will only act as a distraction and will make your teen less attentive to the roads.

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