Tips For Storing Your Classic Car This Winter

Getting your classic car reading for winter? Use these tips for storing it.

Your classic car is a point of pride, and represents a significant investment of time and money. While other cars depreciate in value over time, you keep yours in top shape so its worth only continues to grow.

The coming winter season does present some danger for damage to your ride, but if you use these tips for storing your classic car you won’t have any problems!

  • Choose the right location to store your car. Ideally, it should be a secure spot (e.g. a locked garage) that is dry and will protect your car from exposure to the elements, including the sun.
  • Wash your car well before you store it so no leftover dirt causes scratches.
  • Fill your fuel tank, partially with the proper amount of fuel stabilizer. The closer you get your tank to full, the less room there is for air to cause issues in it.
  • Put in clean oil and a clean air filter so no contaminants can do damage during the winter.
  • Cover openings (e.g. exhaust pipe, air inlet, tailpipe) to prevent pests from shacking up in your car during the winter.
  • If your car has access to power, hook the battery up to a tender. If not, remove it and store it separately in a location that won’t freeze.

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