Tips to Avoid Unhealthy Snacks: Swap Them For These Tasty Options!

Want a tip? Turn to these delicious alternatives to avoid unhealthy snacks.

If you joined the large number of Americans who made health-related resolutions for the New Year, you’ve likely already found that keeping them is far from easy. While planning healthy meals can help keep you on track, it’s the midday pick-me-ups and late night bites that can tank your plans. Fortunately, there are some solutions! If you’re looking for tips to avoid unhealthy snacks, we have a great one: switch them for these delicious options.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Want a snack you can grab and go? Boil a dozen eggs (it’ll take you fifteen minutes) over the weekend. Then you have a pre-packaged and protein-packed savory snack for any time of day! Eggs also contain the essential fatty acids your body needs.

Cranberries & Almonds

Mix these two ingredients together in a bowl and you’ll have a super fast and super tasty treat! The nuttiness and crunchiness of the almonds melds beautifully with the sweetness and tartness of the cranberries. Besides being delicious, this mix also offers your body a low sugar, low carb, high protein, high antioxidant snack.

Sea Salted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are amazing. They contain omega 3, zinc, and manganese. They’ve been linked to healthy blood sugar levels. To make them extra tasty, buy yours unsalted and add your own sea salt, which isn’t as processed as the table salt that would be used to season them if you buy them pre-salted.

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